Amongst the multiple barriers faced throughout their careers, women report the absence of a role model as the biggest barrier to career progression. That’s why Who’s Your Momma (WYMMA) is here to help! Whether you’re seeking advice or imparting wisdom, industry mentorships are rewarding for everyone involved and are exactly what is needed.


WYMMA is completely free and open to all women

from all backgrounds, at every career level.


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Want to mentor? We are always looking for talented ladies, and manbassadors to join us in supporting other women. Get in touch here.


Mentoring is not counselling and mentees own their journey. Please remember that all mentors and SheSaysSG members are volunteers - be mindful if the response time is not as fast as you’d wish.

As a mentee, lead the pairing and take control of what you want out of the programme.
You’ll agree with your mentor on the frequency and best way to communicate – we recommend meeting in person or videocall the first time and follow up via:

Face to face / Video Conference / Skype / Conference Call / Sharing via email / WhatsApp

At the end of each contact you’ll arrange the date/time and way to connect next.

  • Keep all commitments (esp. meetings, follow ups, 'homework')

  • Be open , honest and respectful in all communications with each other

  • Agree to keep an open mind and possibilities in regards to suggestions, advice and ideas

  • Be courageous

  • Stay focused; remember your goals and what you both would like to get out of this relationship

  • Confidentiality: Trust in the mentoring relationship is paramount. Both the Mentor and,Mentee agree to keep all conversations and session content confidential between themselves. For the purpose of the growth and development of the mentee, the mentee and mentor can agree that sharing aspects of their conversations can be shared with others.


As a Mentee, think about:


  • The biggest questions on your mind currently

  • What do you want to focus on & why is it important to you

  • To enable you to move closer to your focus area, what would you need?
    Think Skills, Knowledge, Experience

As a Mentor, you’ll offer support to others in the creative, digital, technology and communications industries. Whether you’re an experienced mentor or would like to mentor for the first time, mentoring will:

  • Help you become a better leader

  • Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas

  • Change someone’s world

  • Flex your emotional intelligence muscle

  • And most importantly, give back and shape the leaders of tomorrow

This should be around 2-hour commitment per month.

Think about the type of advice with which you can help most:

  • Interview skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Salary negotiation skills

  • Team work


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